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Best Practices Post-COVID with True Partners

Episode 37- July 22, 2020

We focus on transparency in our podcasts, and this episode is no exception! Join us as we welcome Sameer Bhasin of CareCredit. We love CareCredit and how they support us as a partner in our practices. We discuss the financing services they offer to our patients so that we can focus on our strengths: practicing dentistry. We know that many dental procedures are elective, and having the best credit options available can make the work attractive to patients. Sameer discusses with us the nuances with regard to presenting their services to clients and how various types of wording are perceived. We discuss the importance of REALLY talking to our patients and taking the time to have conversations to understand people’s individual situations, what they expect from the practice and what fees they can reasonably handle. Listen to this episode to learn about CareCredit, their services, their dedication to clients, and how they can help you care for the patients who put their trust in YOU.

Looking Back and Looking Forward in 2020 with Beverly Wilburn

Episode 35- June 24, 2020

We are so happy to welcome Beverly Wilburn to this episode of SpouseTales! Beverly owns her own business, is a dental office manager and has a great deal of experience in the dental industry. In this episode, we explore how things have changed since the COVID-19 shutdown and some things that we have learned.

How and Why to Apply the 3 Cs to Your Office

Episode 36- July 8, 2020

You need to be clearly connected with your team and your patients! Having everyone well informed - with the same messages - helps to create a level of comfort. In this episode, we discuss the system of the 3 Cs and how they can be applied to your practice through various tasks such as writing letters and talking to patients. Employing consistency, clarity and confidence in your communications is both beneficial and essential to creating a comfortable office atmosphere for your team members and your patients who put their trust in you. For patients, knowing what they should expect before, during and after their visit with you allows them to relax and be comfortable with the staff and know they are receiving outstanding quality of care. Be sure to listen to this episode to learn how this system can be advantageous to your office and how you can apply these attributes to create the patient experience you want to provide!  


Episode 34- June 11, 2020

Let’s face it, 2020 has certainly been an eventful year. In this episode of SpouseTales, JoAn and Kathy discuss the “fun” (yes, that’s sarcasm) times they have had during quarantine and trying to get their practices back up and running.

Enthusiastic belief Builds Trust in your practice

Episode 33 - March 12, 2020

In this episode, JoAn and Kathy continue their series on Contagious Enthusiasm. This episode talks about how enthusiastic belief in your doctor and your team really encourages that trust with your patient.  Listen now and see how you can raise the bar in your office.

Enthusiasm is NOT a SPOUSE thing, it IS a TOTAL TEAM thing!

Episode 32 - February 15, 2020

Join JoAn and Kathy in this episode as we begin a series on contagious enthusiasm. We will host several guests in this series that you won't want to miss!  

Welcome to the roaring 20's!

Episode 31 - January  8, 2020

Join JoAn and Kathy as they discuss The Roaring 20's. You've come a long way ladies and so has your hemline.  


Episode 30 - December 19, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they discuss finishing strong in 2019.  What does that mean to you?

Seasons of Change Part 5

Episode 29 - December 9, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they discuss the last episode of  Seasons of Change, part 5. The gift of health. It’s ok to say no.

Seasons of Change Part 4

Episode 28 - November 25, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they discuss Seasons of Change part 4. Learning to embrace the inconvenience that comes with change can be one of the most important mindsets. 

Seasons of Change Part 3 - Dana Watson

Episode 27 - November 7, 2019

join JoAn, Kathy, with a favorite #DentalSpouse Dana Watson! Seasons of Change, part 3 –they discuss how change is always going to happen. Hang in there; change may be the new normal.

Seasons of Change Part 2 - Beverly Wilburn

Episode 26 - October  23, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they welcome Beverly Wilburn . Beverly's insight on the first thing to remember with change is to acknowledge that it is actually happening will leave you in deep thought.

Seasons of Change

Episode 25 - October  9, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they discuss how Seasons of Change in life and practice have an effect on the other. Being inconvenienced by an aging parent can be a blessing.

Even Strong Women Appreciate A Support System

Episode 24 - September 11, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they discuss the value of having a group you can trust. It starts with the ability to be vulnerable.

Connecting With Intention

Episode 23 - August 28, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they share their favorite "Engaging Phrases" that keep you in the game! Are you asking with the intent to serve?

Technology & Turmoil - Dr. Chuck Majors

Episode 22 - August 7, 2019

In this episode, JoAn sits down with husband Dr. Chuck Majors to discuss technology in the practice. Learn why every new technology needs a "mother."

Do's and Don'ts of Hiring Consultants - Debra Engelhardt-Nash

Episode 21 - June 26, 2019

In this episode, JoAn Majors, CSP, Kathy Cigno, and Debra Engelhardt-Nash, three dental spouses, discuss the do's and don'ts of hiring a coach or consultant.

Life Before Wife - Dana Watson

Episode 20 - June 26, 2019

Did you know that a dental spouse can often feel resentment for giving up a career or their, "life before wife"? Join JoAn and Kathy with SCN's newest winner of "Spotlight on Speaking", Dana Watson as they discuss this very ambiguous topic. Life before wife can be very controversial.

Don't Bring Home To Work - Debra Engelhardt-Nash

Episode 19 - June 12, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they learn what Debra Engelhardt-Nash and husband Dr. Ross Nash agree should NOT be taken to work. You'll also get a great life lesson in taking better care of yourself.

How Do We Celebrate And Reward Our Team?

Episode 18 - May 29, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they discuss easy but intentional ways to celebrate the dental team. It's important to understand that the deliver matters from team lunches to a cup of coffee. Lastly, don't forget a little acknowledgement goes a long way when you thank the giver!

Meaningful Conversation

Episode 17 - May 15, 2019

Join JoAn and Kathy as they raise the subject of meaningful conversations and the significance of scheduling them. This may sound transactional but it can actually be very transformational in the relationship(s) that matter. These can provide growth in any relationship as long as you can remember, it’s not about you.

Just Because You Heard it Doesn't Mean You Know it.

Episode 16 - May 1, 2019

In this episode, JoAn and Kathy discuss going back to basics with training and retraining on soft skills. Understanding the importance of recorded calls, role play and short videos for this type of training can help inspire the entire team to be more transformational and less transactional.

Do You Confuse Passion With Anger?

Episode 15 - April 17, 2019


JoAn and Kathy share how the dentist’s passion to provide excellence in care is often confused, misconstrued and definitely misunderstood by others. It’s not about you!

Live at the Hinman - Dr. Robert and Cheryl O'donnell

Episode 14 - April 3, 2019


In this episode, JoAn interviews Dr. Robert and Cheryl O'Donnell live at the Hinman in Atlanta, Georgia. They discuss how the event got to the size prestige it is as well as future plans to promote the growth of #MyHinman. This is one you don't want to miss!

Her Biggest Supporter and Best Friend - Lisa Moler

Episode 13 - March 20, 2019


In this episode, JoAn and Kathy interview Lisa Moler about the challenges she faces as a female entrepreneur and the best friendship she has with her biggest supporter, her husband. We get stories, examples, and a very practical takeaway about how to maintain a healthy working and personal relationship.

With or Without Her? - Dr. Robert Tripke & Tiffany Tripke, RDH

Episode 12 - March 6, 2019


In Episode 12, recorded live from Chicago Midwinter 2019, JoAn and Kathy sit down with Tiffany and Dr. Robert Tripke. They have a hilarious and candid conversation about life on the road, interacting with patients, and how they deal with interpersonal conflict.

More About His Super Spouse - Dr. Roy Shelburne

Episode 11 - February 20, 2019


If you have been in tune to dental speakers the last several years, you have heard or heard of Dr. Roy Shelburne aka "Prisoner Set Free". Join JoAn as she sits down with him after a live event in Texas. We believe you might be surprised just how amazing the SUPER-spouse behind this man is. This short podcast is eye opening and honest about what you don't always talk about from the podium. 

Power Hour - Paul Edwards

Episode 10 - February 6, 2019

Why shouldn't I write my own employee handbook, better yet, use my friend's or one an online version with subtle tweaks? For starters, what you don't know can hurt you when it comes to state, federal and labor laws. Join Kathy and JoAn as they dive deep into the subject of employee handbooks and documentation as well as vacation, maternity and/or PTO pay. We routinely refer to Paul Edwards, Co-founder of CEDR HR Solutions as "Paul the Protector" in our offices. We've both been clients of CEDR for many years yet, we were blown away at all CEDR provides that we missed. We've both been in dental practices for over 25 years, when an honest handshake or verbal agreement was worth everything. Knowing we have a team of attorneys and HR specialists available to us for questions and support is comforting. This is a Power Hour you won't want to miss.

The Importance Of Documenting Team Meetings - Ashley Cisneros

Episode 9 - January 30, 2019


In episode 9, JoAn and Kathy discuss the importance of documenting team meetings with Ashley Cisneros. Being on the same page as a team allows transparent standards that are solidified in meeting notes. Look out for the Power Hour with Paul Edwards from CEDR HR coming next week!

Interview Do's and Don'ts 

Episode 8 - January 29, 2019


In episode 8, JoAn and Kathy discuss the do's and don'ts of interviews. Hear their advice on conducting an interview and how to stand out as a hopeful job candidate.

Taking Care of the Golden Goose - Anna Ebeling

Episode 7 - December 12, 2018


Hear how keeping the lines of communication open between you & your dentist spouse could save their life, literally. Anna knows, like JoAn & Kathy, just because it's 5:00 pm doesn't mean it's over. Listening to her intuition likely saved her husband's life. 

Healthy Boundaries with the Team (Part 1)

Episode 6 - December 5, 2018


JoAn and Kathy discuss healthy boundaries with your team. This sets you & your practice up for success. Boundaries keep it cleaner & when doctor, spouse &/or manager have an agreement to the topics that are "jointly discussed", it creates a united front.

Everyone Needs a Dental Wife

Episode 5 - November 28, 2018


JoAn and Kathy connect with Dr. Jennifer Hathaway.  Dr. Hathaway is a practicing dentist in central Texas.  She shares her perspective on being a strong female in her practice and the moment she realized that she needed someone to come take the role of her “dental wife”.

A DeW and a DeWd, it Takes 2! - Anne Duffy

Episode 4 - November 21, 2018


JoAn and Kathy talk to DeW Life magazine Editor and Publisher, Anne Duffy. They all agree, Dentistry is a lifestyle and that's why it takes more time and energy from both people in any marriage! Many times it takes a Dew and a DeWd.

Healthy Boundaries with the Spouse (Part 1)

Episode 3 - November 14, 2018


JoAn and Kathy begin to broach the subject of the spouse in the dental practice. How to have healthy boundaries and remember that the dentist is in fact the leader. Understanding and valuing the many roles of the spouse.

Holiday Pay: How do you Handle it? - Paul Edwards

Episode 2 - November 7, 2018

Paul Edwards is the co-founder of CEDR HR Solutions, a leading provider of on-demand HR support for dental practices of all sizes and specialties across the United States.

Welcome to SpouseTales!

Episode 1 - October 31, 2018

JoAn Majors, RDA, CSP, published author, and co-host Kathy Cigno welcome you to the SpouseTales Podcast!

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