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Ep. 10 Power Hour - Paul Edwards

Why shouldn't I write my own employee handbook, better yet, use my friend's or one an online version with subtle tweaks? For starters, what you don't know can hurt you when it comes to state, federal and labor laws. Join Kathy and JoAn as they dive deep into the subject of employee handbooks and documentation as well as vacation, maternity and/or PTO pay. We routinely refer to Paul Edwards, Co-founder of CEDR HR Solutions as "Paul the Protector" in our offices. We've both been clients of CEDR for many years yet, we were blown away at all CEDR provides that we missed. We've both been in dental practices for over 25 years, when an honest handshake or verbal agreement was worth everything. Knowing we have a team of attorneys and HR specialists available to us for questions and support is comforting. This is a Power Hour you won't want to miss.

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