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SpouseTales #37: Best Practices Post-COVID with True Partners

This week we are so grateful to have Sameer Bhasin of CareCredit with us. We love CareCredit and how they support our businesses as a partner to our practices! In this episode we discuss how working with a credit company can benefit your office. We always want to be honest with our listeners and demonstrate transparency in our podcasts. And that’s why we’re happy to talk about patient financing and how using CareCredit helps us do what we do best: practice dentistry. And they can help you, too. It is so important to let someone else be the bank so you can focus on your practice and provide quality care for your patients.

When times are difficult, what people or companies stand for is tested; and during COVID-19 this year, CareCredit’s patient financing demonstrated how they take great care of their clients by offering special financing. In this episode, Sameer discusses with us the nuances with regard to presenting their services to clients and how various types of wording are perceived. We also discuss the fact that many dental procedures are elective, and having the best credit options available can make the work attractive to patients. And on a personal note, Sameer shares that during COVID-19 he has uncovered a skill he never knew he had, learning that he loves to cook! Join us for this episode of SpouseTales and find out why it’s so important to remain curious and have open conversations with your patients.

Highlights from this episode:

1) What CareCredit is and the services they provide

2) The importance of using particular terminology and how the wording is perceived

3) The need to be curious and have conversations with patients to know their abilities regarding handling various payment plans

4) Not allowing biases to enter your practice

5) Recognizing your strengths and using those in any practice

6) Having a system that provides consistency

7) Using the 3 Cs in your practice

Resources and links mentioned in the show:

* Contact CareCredit HERE-

* Learn more about SpouseTales on our website

* Learn more about other offerings at

* Read more about the 3 Cs on the blog at

Thank you so much for sharing time with us at SpouseTales! As always, our goal is to shed some light and love on where you are! Please share our podcast, and leave a review so others join us! ~ JoAn and Kathy

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