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SpouseTales #39 with Mike Buckner, Weave: Connecting with Partners for Best Practices

Every word now matters more than it ever has! We have always focused on the importance of communication and the need to customize your messaging for your patients. And this episode focuses on THAT exact message. We are excited to welcome Mike Buckner from Weave to the show. We have built up a great relationship with Weave over the years and trust them. When you have partners you trust, it is easy to be honest with them and have open communication about elements of their product or service that work or do not work. Having this connection with Weave has opened up the path to creativity and the development of exact, customized messaging in scripts that focus on the 3 Cs of communicating with confidence, clarity and consistency.

We can do so much with technology. However, as Mike says, “Technology has a short shelf life… you must be thinking ahead.” And Weave works very hard to understand the trends and how they are shifting and to continue to change along with this ever-evolving world of technology to help keep businesses ahead of the curve. They listen to the needs of businesses and work to understand and incorporate the communication that is essential for practices. Be sure to listen to this episode for our great conversation with Mike about the importance of personalizing your messages with patients especially during these times when technology is so vital to communication.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Being present “in this moment” with others

  • Building trust with your business partners and how that opens the door for honesty

  • The power of communicating through technology and its benefits for your practice

  • Personalized messages - how to use them and respond to patients

  • Why the choice of each word in a message is so important

  • A special offer from Weave

  • Why it is so vital to stay connected… now more than ever

Resources and links mentioned in the show:

For more information about Weave or scripts to communicate with patients, reach out to and mention SpouseTales


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