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SpouseTales #40: Cheers to Change! [Don’t STOP Communicating]

We all have to learn to PIVOT! Lift a glass with JoAn and Kathy this week as they talk about how continuing to communicate with your team, patients and loved ones has never been more important. So much has changed for everyone during this year filled with unique experiences and challenges. However, as everyone pivots in response to changing circumstances, one thing that remains the same is the need for communication.

It is important to remain very intentional with clear and concise messaging with patients, teams and each other, especially as messaging is now done through masks. In this episode, JoAn and Kathy focus on the need to continue to meet patients when their expectations are at their highest and respond appropriately, such as making them feel safe when they come into the office. Fear is something that people experience in various ways as it manifests itself in different situations. JoAn and Kathy believe in the need to have faith in proceeding through these times together and in looking for the purpose behind what you are going through as individuals and as you redefine your priorities. Join your wonderful SpouseTales hosts for their timely conversation about having the tools to communicate effectively as you provide a sense of confidence and comfort to patients and everyone in the office. Have faith in yourself and each other!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Clear, concise communication: the need to maintain it

  • What fear is and how it affects us

  • Looking at how simple we can make our interactions with our patients

  • The importance of the first person to greet patients

  • “It’s not what we do, it’s who we are” - getting to the element of this theory

  • The need to still be training our teams during these busy times

  • The different sense of stress in offices now: understanding that and adjusting to it

  • What the DeW movement is and the impact it is having

  • How outsourcing can help provide more attention to patients

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Thank you so much for sharing time with us at SpouseTales! As always, our goal is to shed some light and love on where you are! Please share our podcast, and leave a review so others join us! ~ JoAn and Kathy

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