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SpouseTales #41: Hold Space for Purpose and Compassion

Are you ready to REFRAME this year? Join Kathy and JoAn as they welcome their friend, Brandi Evans to the show. Brandi has her own business, Stellar Outcomes, is a dental hygienist and does so much more! In this episode, they discuss some new ways to look at this year and refreshing methods to approach and handle challenging times such as these.

We all know this year has been filled with unprecedented experiences and feelings of uncertainty. However, as Brandi says, “Freaking out NEVER helps!” Her practice’s goal early on was “to drive the ship with calm and wait for evidence-based decisions and not be overwhelmed.” There is so much wisdom in this. Being patient and allowing time to create some space allows for grace to enter the situation and for good decisions to be made. This acting with purpose benefits everyone! Listen to this episode to hear the new ways people are communicating and the importance of some good old-fashioned methods as well! This episode will lift your spirits and help you recognize the changes you can make to redefine this year, creating an empowering narrative to later reflect upon. This year is all in how you look at it, so be prepared to reframe it as a positive experience!

Highlights from this episode:

  • Reframing this year as a positive experience of learning and growth

  • Addressing others with more compassion and space instead of hurrying through interactions

  • The power of gratitude and comedy during this COVID-19 season

  • Acting with purpose gets results

  • What a connection economy is and how it looks now

Resources and links mentioned in the show:

Brandi Evans’ website

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Read more about the 3 Cs on the blog HERE.

Thank you so much for sharing time with us at SpouseTales! As always, our goal is to shed some light and love on where you are! Please share our podcast, and leave a review so others join us! ~ JoAn and Kathy

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