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SpouseTales Ep: #36 How and Why to Apply the 3Cs

Managing our practices looks a little different these days, but our patients who are coming in for appointments are comfortable doing so! And we have a great system for you to implement into your office to create a good environment to care for your team members and patients so everyone feels safe.

Today we talk about the 3 C’s and how that system has helped us communicate with a greater connection with team members and patients during these unsettling times. And this system can be advantageous for you. Whether you are writing scripts or letters or talking to patients, the 3 Cs of consistency, clarity, and confidence are helpful in getting your message across to others. You need to be confident in your communications because then the patients are confident. Focusing on clarity lets patients know exactly what to expect. Consistency is keeping your message the same so others are comfortable; for example, continually letting patients know you are there for them makes them feel secure. It is beneficial to use these 3 Cs so patients know they are still getting outstanding quality of care even though things look different in the office. Are you ready to learn more about the 3 Cs and how you can implement them into your office? Listen now to take your communication with team members and patients to the next level!

Highlights from this episode:

*Some of the differences that can be seen in practices now

*Key takeaways from the shutdown

*What the 3 Cs are

*Applying the 3 Cs to your practice

*The importance of 3 Cs in creating a comfortable atmosphere for your team and patients

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