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SpouseTales Episode: 35 with Beverly Wilburn

Looking Back and Looking Forward in 2020 with Beverly Wilburn

We are so happy to welcome Beverly Wilburn to this episode of SpouseTales! Beverly owns her own business, is a dental office manager and has a great deal of experience in the dental industry. In this episode, we explore how things have changed since the COVID-19 shutdown and some things that we have learned.

Certainly, we recognize that current affairs in our society have a great impact on us both in our personal as well as our professional lives. It is essential that we open our lives up to others, recognize what we can learn from each other such as cultural differences in our ways of living, and know that our businesses have faces that are seen by others. From cultural concerns to this new life following the shutdown, we discuss how having a supportive group behind you makes a big difference in life and that doing things for others makes you feel good. Our tomorrows are not promised to us, so it is vital to not stress in life but rather recognize that flexibility is important as you move toward your goals. Join us now for our relevant conversation with Beverly!

Highlights from this episode:

* Current affairs have an impact on what we do

* The importance of not minimizing how we acknowledge issues in society such as diversity

* How much better you feel when doing special things for others

* Moving forward, apply the lessons you’ve learned

* Some thoughts on being flexible with your anticipated results

Thank you so much for sharing time with us at SpouseTales! As always, our goal is to shed some light and love on where you are! Please share our podcast, and leave a review so others join us! ~ JoAn and Kathy

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